A goal without a plan is just a wishI am available for individual, couple or family counseling work in Cupertino, California or online.

Why Online Therapy?

You get the help you need without having to leave the privacy and security of your own home.  Not to mention the convenience of scheduling and accessing your therapist when it’s most important to you!

Now you are not constrained by whatever therapists happen to be in your backyard.  You can now CHOOSE an expert who has real experience, tools and training in the field of chronic pain.

It is confidential.  There is no documentation to worry about that gets submitted to your health insurance.  There is no fear of running into people in your therapists office.  It’s nobody’s business but yours.

There is an ever-growing body of research showing that it works!  Online counseling can be equal to in-person therapy.

For chronic pain suffers who have challenges driving themselves, online therapy opens up a whole new world of access to the help you need!  No more waiting for other people to drive you to appointments.

Another benefit is that my online practice is never relocating, even if you move, I will still be here, in a familiar way to work together with you.

How to get started

Pain Survey

Over what proportion of the day do you experience pain?

How well can you perform self-care activities like grooming and dressing?

Describe your walking tolerance?

How many stairs can you climb?

How much leisure time do you spend on the computer each day?

How much time do you spend in quiet meditation or prayer each day?

How much total sleep do you get each night?

How has pain affected your sexual activity?

How well do you walk?

During a typical day, how social are you?

How much do you limit your recreational activity because of chronic pain?

How often do you exercise?

How often do you worry that you are sicker than your doctors, family, and friends realize?

How often does your family react to your pain?

How often do you engage in enjoyable activities?

You believe your best years are?

Compared to your days before chronic pain set in how would you describe your ability to remember things today?

How do you feel about your future?

How often do you think about your pain?

In general, how do you feel?

How often do you use caffeine to get through the day?

During the past four weeks, how often have you felt tense?

Click the submit button below to send me your completed form.

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*This quiz was developed and used with permission by Dr. Peter Abaci. MD, He is an incredible pain specialist who I have had the pleasure of working with.  You can find the quiz in his book Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain. C 2010, pgs 16-20.  To learn more about Dr. Abaci and his approach to managing pain, please visit www.painreliefrevolution.com

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If after our consultation you want to sign on for therapy services with me, great!  Please fill out the New Client Intake Form. Then go to my contact page and email me with a few times/dates that you are available.  I will be back to your inquiry within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

My Counseling Rates:
Online Counseling Session/Per Hour – $100.00

Pain assessment Skype Consultation (FREE) – 30 minutes

  1. Payment for an online counseling sessions is due 48 hours prior to the appointment time.
  2. I bill clients using PayPal to ensure that your payment information and transaction is safely and securely handled.
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