Chronic Pain & Living Well

Are you tired of suffering?  Have you tried doctor after doctor with little-to-no relief from constant pain?  I am an expert in living with and helping people who suffer from chronic pain.


Improve Your Mood

Depression and anxiety tend to be the most common conditions that go along with managing a chronic health problem.  Working with me you’ll learn ways that you can actively change and improve your mood.


Reduce Your Stress

Did you know that a big driver of your chronic pain condition is chronic stress in the body?  I want to teach you how to recognize the signs physical and emotional signs of stress.  Learn how to lower your stress and reduce your pain.

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Working with Siobhan you’ll get:

      • Holistic approach to working with your chronic pain
      • Extensive training in the field of chronic pain
      • Over 20 years of experience living with and managing chronic pain
      • Results oriented therapeutic approach
      • Tangible tools, exercises, and access to experts in the field of pain