stock-photo-11016905-one-autumn-leaf-on-a-white-pebble-background_thumbDid you know that a big driver of your chronic pain condition is chronic stress in the body?  Learn how to recognize the signs physical and emotional signs of stress.  You can have the power to lower your stress and reduce your pain.

When I first was learning to manage my own chronic pain, I had no idea that what I was really dealing with was a chronic stress condition.  I didn’t understand the connection between stress and pain.   I didn’t notice the signals my own body was giving me.

It all starts with some basic awareness and education about your body’s stress system and how it responds to triggers and cues your environment.  When your stress system is set off, stress hormones and chemicals are released into your body that intensify your physical pain experience.  I want to teach you how to recognize this stress state and change it.

Where can you start?

You need to understand what your baseline of stress is that you experience every day.  Spend the next 15 minutes taking this pain survey, and then I will schedule a free 30 minute on-line session with you to review your personal pain roadmap.

I will work with you to help you understand what your stress response is and how to recognize the signs of stress in your body.  How much of your day is your body in “fight or flight” versus “rest and repair.

With your personal pain roadmap, I will work with you to target step-by-step ways to change the stress part of the pain triangle.  I will teach you ways to:

  • Identify stress triggers in your life
  • De-activate your “fight or flight” response
  • Use meditation and mindfulness tools to lower stress
  • Strategies for preventing and managing stress

So let’s get started, take 15 minutes now to take the first step to your personal pain roadmap.

I look forward to helping you change your life and get control over your pain, one habit at a time.